An academic writer is a person who is mainly on his PC either online researching or checking out a website. Thus, for him to survive as well as have an easy time doing his work, he needs several apps and soft-wares. some of the apps help in remaining online, others are for notifications and file sharing. below is a list of Apps required by every academic writer.

Apps required by every academic writer

 Phone apps

The following are phone Apps required by every academic writer

This is a mail manager, it makes emails seem like SMSs, making the user receive emails in real time; it is what I use, you can also use Gmail default.

This is an archive extractor, which makes it possible to open zip, rar or any other form of archive in your android.

This is a document reader as well as an editor; it can view doc, docx, pdf, rtf etc. and has the best view modes

This is both in the android platform and windows; works like WhatsApp, where you get to share file and unlimited images. It also comes with bots for notifications.

Most popular chat app

PC softwares

The following are softwares that not only make it easier to do academic writing, but also to have a good experience with your PC.

as mentioned above this is the best notification app out there, it works like WhatsApp but it’s much better since it has a PC interface that makes it possible to be positioned at the edge of your computer screen. It also has bots in its API that make it possible to be connected with any website for not only notification purposes but also interaction; we have connected it with researcher perfect.

This is the standard software in writing

This is the best pdf viewer around, this is because instead of opening Pdfs like new documents it opens in tab format; thus making it easy to view your pdfs. It also comes with a free cloud storage.

Consumes a lot of battery but I love it since it stores my passwords and bookmarks wherever I login; It also provides the best Gmail experience. You can also use Firefox and opera or edge

This makes it easier to chat as you now do it by typing on a computer keyboard

This is an SMS app available in phone, pc as well as tablet; it synchronizes all your SMSes between these devices and thus making it possible to text in a pc as well in a tablet.

This is a pay app with a 30-day trial ; however, it is the best download manager. It will detect anything you are downloading, increase speed of download as well as pause download in case you lose connection.

This cleans your cache and RAM memory; I use it occasionally when my pc starts to slow. Once it is done running, my comp feels as good as new without a need for a restart.

  • Any antivirus is okay; however, I recommend esset.


If an academic writer can make sure, he has all the above apps and softwares he can have a very easy time.